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As a reporter/producer for the Reuters TV mobile app, I wrote, voiced and video edited news packages for the on-demand video playlist.


Bars open early for Comey’s Senate testimony
I shot scenes in Brooklyn, in addition to voicing, and editing this piece)
James Comey’s testimony Thursday may be a sobering moment for the Trump presidency, but it’s doing great business for America’s bars. Bars nationwide opening early to accommodate political junkies eager to watch the hearing on television. Alva French reports. (Reuters) June 8, 2017

America’s student loan crisis hits the working poor
I field produced, scripted and video edited this piece, as part of a Reuters’ Special Report on student debt. 
Lakisha Johnson is a homeless single mother in Philadelphia. She was hoping to move out of a homeless shelter and into a new apartment with her daughter using her tax refund. The U.S. Department of education had other plans, as a Reuters review found the federal agency is clamping down on borrowers who have defaulted on their student loans by garnishing their wages, holding back IRS refunds, and reducing Social Security benefits.  June 2017 (Reuters)


Click to WATCH: A look at injured activists in Venezuela (I scripted, voiced, and edited this piece)

CLICK to WATCH: New app brings mom & pop pizzerias into the digital age (I shot, voiced, scripted and edited this piece)

CLICK to WATCH: Bars across the country host viewing parties for James Comey’s Senate hearing (I hosted this Reuters – Facebook Live segment)

CLICK to WATCH: Mexican farmers set to cash in on heirloom corn

CLICK to WATCH: Confederate memorial removals divide New Orleans

CLICK to WATCH: Coach buys Kate Spade for $2.4billion

CLICK to WATCH: Baltimore Orioles’ Adam Jones subjected to racial abuse at Fenway Park

CLICK to WATCH: Dozens killed in a church bomb attacks in Egypt

CLICK to WATCH: Coming soon to McDonald’s: Fresh Beef Quarter Pounders

CLICK to WATCH: Louisiana fight pits bayous vs. pipelines

CLICK to WATCH: Pres. Trump cuts job training programs for coal country

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