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I’m Running To Be America’s First Black Woman Governor
Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams says she wants to “change what the face of leadership looks like.” I filmed this on location in Savannah, Georgia and edited this for BuzzFeed News. May 2018

I’m A Muslim Designer Bringing Modesty To The Runway
Project Runway alum, Nzinga Knight is proving that fashionable, modest clothes don’t have to be so hard to find. I shot and edited this video for BuzzFeed News as part of special coverage of Ramadan 2018.  May 2018

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Chicago Teens Join Parkland To Fight Gun Violence
These teenagers fighting gun violence in Chicago say the country has reacted very differently to their activism efforts than it has to the Parkland students’ efforts. So the two groups are teaming up to call for gun control. I filmed this on location in Chicago and edited this video for BuzzFeed News. March 2018
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This Vintage Shop Lets You Own A Piece Of Black History
From painful slave-era artifacts to vintage Ebony and Jet magazines, more and more black Americans are buying relics from black history as they reclaim and reconcile with the past. I filmed and edited this short doc for BuzzFeed News. February 2018
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