About Alva

November 2019
London, UK

I’m an accomplished bilingual Video Journalist based in Brooklyn, NY, who earned an undergraduate degree from New York University.   I also have a Master’s degree in Journalism with a concentration in International Multimedia Reporting from the City University of New York, Graduate School of Journalism. 

My personal immigrant experience in the U.S. informs my journalism work, creative art and film projects. 

I attended NY public schools while living as a French national and an undocumented elementary school student, with my mother, also from France.  Born in Paris, I’m a dual national of France and now, the U.S. with professional experience in translation, broadcasting, online marketing, documentary film, and education spanning France, South Korea and the U.S. 

My journalism work has appeared on platforms like, The Associated Press, BuzzFeed News, Reuters.com, CISAC News (France), ARTE (France), Gwangju News (South Korea), GFN-Radio (South Korea) and Meet the Press on NBC News.  

Journalism Resume – Spring 2020

Photo by: Maddiewalkslondon

Updated April 2020