About Alva

Born in Paris, I am a US-based bilingual video journalist currently with AJ Plus, part of the Al Jazeera Network.

My journalism work has appeared on news platforms like BBC Reel, The Christian Science Monitor, AJ+, The Associated Press, Buzzfeed News, Reuters, WNYC, CISAC News (France), ARTE (France), Gwangju News (South Korea), GFN-Radio (South Korea), WSJ.com and Meet the Press on NBC.

A dual national of France and the US, I earned an undergraduate degree from NYU and an MA from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in International Multimedia Reporting. 

Prior to my career in journalism, I worked as a digital marketer for a major record label and taught English to children and adults in South Korea.

I am represented by Zeynep Sen at Wordlink Literary Agency

Journalism Resume – FALL 2020

Photo by: Eric Jenkins

Updated January 2021