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Updated April 2021

I pitched, narrated and produced this news video explainer as part of Black History Month coverage for AJ+. When I say produced this explainer, I mean I scripted, found the interview subjects, interviewed and recorded them, selected the visuals, then directed both the editor and motion graphics designer for the final video published on AJ Plus digital platforms on 2/24/21. — Alva French
Mississippi native Stacey Abrams declared the state a “battleground state” as she and other activists work to flip one of the most reliably Republican states blue. After all, Democrats did it in Georgia, right? But in a state that has a long, painful history of slavery, brutal racism and voter suppression, is it even possible?
AJ+ talked to Jackson Mayor Chockwe Antar Lumumba and civic engagement activists from across the state to examine Mississippi’s chances of becoming a toss-up state.
Mississippi​ #BlackVotersMatter​ #BlackHistoryMonth
Here’s a mini-doc I pitched, filmed, and edited for BuzzFeed News in February 2018 for Black History Month on BLK MKT VINTAGE.
I pitched, produced, edited and interviewed experts on voting rights in this news video package for the AP in February 2013, as video producer in the Washington DC bureau.
I produced (scripted and edited) this news video obituary on Hugo Chavez of Venezuela’s death in March 2013 for AP as a video producer in the Washington bureau.
Here’s a video I produced, edited and created animated graphics as a Video and Digital Producer at Population Reference bureau on an advocacy video supporting dialogue among faith leaders, policymakers, and families in the SAHEL on family health resources. In French with French subtitles.
I pitched, produced (scripted and edited) this video for AP in July 2012 while a video producer in the Washington bureau.
Here’s a video I produced, edited and crafted motion graphics for on family planning access in Bangladesh for Population Reference Bureau. In Bengali with English subtitles.
I produced, shot and edited this video for BBC Reel, published in October 2020.
I did the voice over narration for this original mini-documentary for in March 2018.
I pitched and produced (scripted and edited) this news video package for AP in January 2013 while I was a video producer in the Washington bureau.
Here’s a video I produced, narrated, and edited as a video producer at Reuters on the ownership of Europe’s leading soccer clubs. Posted to Twitter on January 29, 2020.
I produced and edited this video for BuzzFeed News January 2018.
I produced and edited this video for BuzzFeed News in December 2017.
I’m Running To Be America’s First Black Woman Governor
Stacey Abrams says she wants to “change what the face of leadership looks like.”
BuzzFeed News
I pitched, produced, filmed on location in Savannah, and edited this profile of 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams in May 2018 as part of BuzzFeed News’ ongoing political coverage of mid-term elections.
Originally published in May 2018
Prince Harry and Meghan the ‘half royals’ – how will it work?
I produced, edited and voiced this video for digital platforms as a video producer at Reuters. Published on Twitter on January 10, 2020
The young activists of Peace by Piece Productions pay tribute to Breonna Taylor and George Floyd in their Black Lives Matter dance, performance and protest against police brutality. I shot and edited this music video in June 2020.

New app brings mom pop pizzerias into the digital age (
Ilir Sela took his passion for pizza and created a delivery app, Slice, that targets the tens of thousands of underserved small town pizza shops nationwide trying to hold their own against the big guys in food and pizza delivery.
I pitched, produced, shot, and reported this news video feature for Reuters in August 2017.
America’s student loan crisis hits the working poor especially hard (
Lakisha Johnson is a homeless single mother in Philadelphia. She was hoping to move out of a homeless shelter and into a new apartment with her daughter using her tax refund. The U.S. Department of education had other plans, as a Reuters review found the federal agency is clamping down on borrowers who have defaulted on their student loans by garnishing their wages, holding back IRS refunds, and reducing Social Security benefits.
Published on July 25, 2017
I field produced this video on location in Philadelphia, and scripted this video based on a Reuters special report on student loans. I also edited this video to accompany that report.
These teenagers fighting gun violence in Chicago say the country has reacted very differently to their activism efforts than it has to the Parkland students’ efforts. So the two groups are teaming up to call for gun control. I pitched this video, then filmed it as a one-person band on location in Chicago, later scripted, and edited the video published on BuzzFeed News’ online platforms in March 2018.

What Are the Chances of Goldman or Blackstone Buying BlackRock? – Reuters Breakingviews 2020 Predictions
Published on on 12/24/2019
I produced and edited this video as a video producer at Reuters.
Louisiana pipeline pits bayous vs. pipelines
Jody Meche and his fellow crawfishermen are joining forces with environmentalists to protect southern Louisiana wetlands from the Bayou Bridge pipeline expansion, set to begin crude oil delivery later this year. Alva French Reports. Published February 22, 2017
I scripted, narrated and edited this video report for Reuters.
Published June 8, 2017
Bars open early for Comey’s Senate testimony
Bars across the US opened early so that folks could watch Former FBI director James Comey’s long anticipated Senate testimony about possible interference by Russia in the 2016 presidential election. I pitched, narrated, filmed the NYC scenes and interviews, as well as edited this breaking news piece for Reuters.

Last Tag Looms for 5Pointz
Published by the NYC News Service at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism May 18, 2011. I filmed and edited this video as a graduate student at CUNY J-school.