Brooklyn Museum May 2018

Alva French is the CEO and Founder of Tactile Films, LLC [US] and a Bilingual Video Journalist who earned an MA in Journalism with a concentration in International Reporting from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She was selected by her peers to be the student speaker at the Class of 2011’s graduation ceremony alongside The New Yorker’s David Remnick. See her speech here.

Born in Paris, Alva is a dual national of France/EU and the US, bilingual and attended public schools in Washington Heights, NYC and Albany, NY.

She has an undergraduate degree from New York University.

Alva is writing a non-fiction book, as well as producing and directing a documentary for international distribution on her maternal grandparents, a married interracial couple who escaped the US in 1950 to start their family and pursue careers in the arts in France. Her grandmother, Tria  started the Paris-based production company Shelltrie Productions/Enterprises Unlimited and represented the legendary French screen actress, Françoise Rosay among others. In 2014, Alva’s grandmother was posthumously recognized as a vital contributor to the 1964 founding of Democrats Abroad in Paris and London.

Alva’s journalism work has appeared on NBC News, including Meet the Press, The New York Daily News,, The Associated Press, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed News, and Reuters.

Feel free to find her using the Signal app or follow her on Twitter, where her DMs are open.

Updated August 2018

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